I just couldn’t close up my “Sale of Little Cedar/Lake Real Estate” file without this note to let you know how very, VERY please and impressed I was with Andy Gibson’s professional service. Andy and I have been working together for about 4 years, starting with the rental of my lake property, through to its sale and closing this past November.

In both the rental and sale of my property at the Lake, we were up against some pretty negative odds; and the ride through rental and sale was anything but smooth, due to market condition, timing, etc. Despite all of that…Andy worked so hard at doing the best that could possibly be done for me and for my property, in getting to the best possible end result we could manage. One thing about Andy’s professional manner is that he’s continually “efficient in all dealings. And you never doubt that he’s working hard for you and that he’s always working on your behalf and in your best interests.